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Making a difference in Sierra Leone

Impacting lives, one town at a time.


ASMOK Foundation was founded by Anaya Kamara in honour of her parents Alpha Saba and Mariatu Oya Kamara. Anaya is a serial entrepreneur and founder of London-based Anaya Hair and Beauty.

Sierra Leone is a West African country of about 8 million diverse, dynamic people, who have been seriously affected in recent decades by war, violence and poverty - and now the cost of living crisis.

ASMOK Foundation supports underprivileged kids, young and elderly people through education, vocational skills, innovation and empowerment. Currently working in Freetown, Kissi Town, Lunsar, Makeni, Port Loko, it plans to spread to other parts of the country in future.

Please visit the ASMOK Foundation website where you can find out more, get in touch and make a donation. ASMOK welcomes all contributions and support for their efforts to break the cycle of abuse and neglect of children, create opportunities, build stronger communities, and understand and tackle people’s challenges.

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1 Comment

Anaya Kamara
Anaya Kamara
Aug 17, 2022

Very much appreciated 🇸🇱🙏🏿

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