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Terms and Conditions

Lifespan Psychology - The Diverse Practice®

Lifespan Psychology is a Private Psychological Therapy Practice established in December 2017 and run by Dr. Esther Cole, Clinical Director. Dr. Cole and her Associates work therapeutically across the lifespan (with children, young people, adults and older adults) experiencing a range of mental health difficulties, trauma, emotional and psychological distress, physical and neurological conditions. All psychological therapies and interventions are tailor-made to suit the individual, couple, child and family. The aim of the approach is to integrate the best available evidence and to, therefore, be more effective at improving emotional and psychological well-being within a specific timeframe.


The first 15 minutes of ad-hoc telephone, email contact or written correspondence with the client, family or other professionals is free.

Where psychological work is scheduled, or correspondence exceeds 15 minutes, the fees are as follows, (pro-rata when necessary):


  • Therapy Assessment - two sessions (40-50 minutes approx.): £100 - £180

  • Therapy sessions (40-50 minutes approx.):  £100 - £180

  • Couples’ Therapy (60 minutes): £100 - £180

  • Reports/letters per hour: £100 - £180

  • Liaison with other professionals per hour: £100 - £180

  • Travel to school, college, home or residential facilities per hour: £70

  • Observations per hour: £100 - £180

  • Attendance at meetings per hour: £100 - £180

  • Consultation or training per hour: from £250

Payment of Fees


Payment of the first session is made in advance by bank transfer to hold the space. For subsequent sessions, payment must be made by bank transfer within 48 hours of the session, or at the end of each session in cash.

Clients may also pay in advance for a set number of appointments i.e. monthly.
All therapy and psychological work will be invoiced as proof of payment.  

Private Medical Insurance


If you hold Private Medical Insurance (PMI), please check the reimbursement level available to you, the number of sessions granted and if you owe an excess charge.  If your PMI reimbursement does not cover the fee in full, you must pay the difference. Please inform your Practitioner of your Authorisation Code and promptly forward your Practitioner's name and registration number to your PMI provider, in order for payment to be processed. Unfortunately, missed sessions are rarely funded so you may have to pay if sessions are not cancelled with 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy


You will likely be given a regular time slot which is reserved exclusively for you, your child or family. Therefore, if you are unable to attend your appointment please let your Practitioner know soon as possible. 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation.


Please email: to cancel your appointment with at least 48 hours' notice. Refunds will be processed in 3-5 working days, less the transaction fee incurred (usually around 3%).

Where there is less notice, the fee for that session will be incurred. Your Practitioner will endeavour to give you as much advance notice as possible in terms of holidays, sickness or of any need to cancel a future appointment. In these circumstances, you will not be charged. In cases where appointments have been re-scheduled and cancelled three times, due to high demands for this service, you may be discharged.



All client information is treated with confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. Please see the “Privacy Policy” on for further information on the laws around data protection and your rights. The HCPC code of conduct requires that GP details are taken, but your GP will not be contacted without your consent. Confidentiality might be broken if there were concerns about risk, the client’s safety or the safety of others. Your Practitioner would always try to contact you first, in the event that confidentiality needed to be broken, due to duty of care.


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