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Dr Esther Cole

Founder | Clinical Director | Consultant Clinical Psychologist (she/her)

I am Founder | Clinical Director | Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Lifespan Psychology - The Diverse Practice®, Prestige Award Specialist Therapy Provider of the Year, 2022. I work in London, UK, and internationally online with all ages: adults, children and families.

I am the proud BPS Early Career Award winner (2020) for my role initiating and co-editing: ‘Psychological Therapy for Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury’ (Routledge).

We are also delighted to have received the Prestige Award for Psychological Therapy Specialist Provider of the Year in 2022, and again in 2024/25.

As a third-generation British Jamaican Psychologist, managing long-term conditions whilst being a mother of three, I warmly welcome clients from all walks of life, have a passion for men’s mental health; and supporting people living alongside mental, physical or neurological difficulties and trauma. All psychological therapies are tailor-made and, importantly, driven by evidence and research.


“I had such an incredibly positive therapy experience and I really feel that it has made a huge difference in my daily life. Thank you so much!”

“I recently had the privilege of working with Dr. Esther Cole at Lifespan Psychology through online sessions, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. From the very first session, I felt welcomed and at ease. Dr. Cole's approachability and warmth created a safe virtual space where I felt comfortable opening up about my struggles with depression and anxiety. She listened attentively, demonstrating genuine empathy and understanding throughout. It was evident that she truly cared about my well-being. Dr. Cole's guidance helped me gain valuable insights and perspectives on my challenges. Her practical advice and strategies empowered me to confront my issues head-on and develop healthier coping mechanisms. I ended each session feeling more optimistic and equipped to navigate life's hurdles. Thanks to Dr. Cole's support, I've made significant progress in managing my mental health. I feel more resilient and confident in facing whatever comes my way. If you're considering seeking support for your mental health, I wholeheartedly recommend Lifespan Psychology and Dr. Esther Cole. Their compassionate approach and expertise can make a world of difference on your journey to healing and growth. Thank you for the invaluable support.”

Dr Esther Cole






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