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Nikki Clark

Honorary Research Assistant (she/her)

I am a third-year student of Psychology with Criminology, on my placement year at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. My placement at Lifespan Psychology involves auditing and analysing the recovery rates and feedback we receive from clients, and their families, as part of a program to develop the practice, and enhance therapeutic treatments.

I have had an intense fascination and passion for psychology from a young age, particularly around trauma in developing children, and in adulthood. I have had my own personal experience with the mental health system since my early teens, giving me a detailed understanding of where the system benefits the individual, and where it can hinder treatment and recovery.

I have a background in Health and Social Care and I was a Support Worker during college. I worked in a residential setting with clients with a range of mental, physical and developmental disorders, and learnt ways to tailor their care to their individual needs.

In addition to building a trusting relationship during 1-2-1 feedback sessions, while working with Lifespan Psychology, I hope to gain new perspectives on treatments and therapies; and to develop further skills to improve an individual's treatment.

Nikki Clark






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