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Dr Jo Weekes

Clinical Psychologist (she/her)

As a chartered clinical psychologist of nearly 20 years, I have worked in a range of NHS adult services as well as private practice.

We all bump up against life at times and can get stuck over how to move forward. So my commitment is in enabling you to develop effective, psychological skills that help you learn, grow and move intentionally towards your own authentic purpose and to better enjoy your quality of life.

My working style is naturally warm, person-centred and integrative – drawing on various evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapies (CBT) such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion-Focused Therapy, as well as more systemic, relationship-based approaches including solution-focused and narrative therapy.

I really enjoy working with adults of all ages and have substantial clinical experience with issues related to being diagnosed and living with physical health conditions, including being a carer. I am also interested in supporting those struggling with distressing peri-menopausal changes.

Whoever you are, at the heart of my work lies connection, compassion, professional curiosity and integrity – alongside my strong belief that through our sessions, and your ongoing commitment to develop awareness and practice new skills, meaningful change is possible.

Dr Jo Weekes






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