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How Employers Can Help More Men to Seek Mental Health Support

Dr Esther Cole in conversation with Elliot Rae


Addressing the Crisis: Empowering Men's Mental Health in the Workplace

Suicide remains a devastating reality for too many men, especially those under the age of 45 and within specific industries. In the United Kingdom, only a small percentage of self-referrals to NHS talking therapies are men, underscoring a critical need to dismantle the barriers that deter them from seeking mental health support.

Join us for an insightful conversation led by Elliot Rae, a speaker, author, social changemaker, and BBC1 Documentary Presenter together with Dr Esther Cole, a distinguished clinical psychologist and founder of Lifespan Psychology - The Diverse Practice®. We will delve into the crucial role employers play in transforming men's mental health interventions, focusing on:

💡 Reducing Stigma: Strategies for Employers

Learn how employers can combat the stigma surrounding help-seeking behavior, effectively reducing the risk of suicide and fostering a culture of mental well-being within the workplace.

💡 Accessible Therapy: A Path Forward

Discover how men can access private therapy at no cost and the pivotal role employers can play in facilitating this vital resource, ensuring mental health support is within reach for every individual.

💡 Tailoring Support: Adapting Approaches for Men

Explore how therapists, counselors, and workplace interventions can tailor their approaches to resonate better with men, promoting a more inclusive and effective mental health support system.

Together, let's work towards a future where men feel empowered to prioritize their mental health and seek the assistance they deserve. Join us in this important dialogue, advancing men's mental well-being professionally.

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