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Yvonne Coughlan

Chartered Psychotherapist (she/her)

I have over 23 years’ experience working with adults from diverse backgrounds. I have worked across the NHS, charity, and private sectors. I have specialist expertise in work-related issues and currently work for a leading Employee Assistance Programme, working with clients across a range of business sectors in the UK and internationally. Alongside my clinical work I also provide management consultations to: HR managers and supervisors on workplace and organisational issues, while also supporting senior members of staff on managing organizational change and employee crisis intervention.

I also have extensive experience of working in private practice, with adults of all ages who have experienced early-childhood trauma, among a wide range of other issues. I also work with undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK and abroad. In recent years, I have worked with trainee psychotherapists from several UK universities.

I am a qualified and UKCP-Registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, with additional training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Counselling. My predominant approach is psychodynamic, whilst also drawing from other schools of thought, and I am currently undertaking further training at the Institute of Group Analysis, London.

I believe the most successful outcomes in therapy come from building a good therapeutic relationship and this is more essential than the therapeutic orientation. I provide a warm environment where clients feel safe opening up about whatever predicament they are in.

Yvonne Coughlan






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