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Dr Marta Wahnon

Counselling Psychologist (she/her)

I am a chartered lifespan Psychologist with 16 years of experience in the field of complex trauma. I have extensive experience of treating adults and children with both mild and complex difficulties relating to mental health.

As the lead for crisis services in the NHS, I specialise in acute mental health crisis in an outreach capacity. I offer psychological assessment and treatment, promoting reflection and compassion in trauma-informed approach. That is, bringing a critical perspective to practice that reframes psychopathology. Instead of “What is wrong with you?”, I am interested in “What has happened to you?”

As an eclectic practitioner, I draw on various therapeutic approaches in my work. Primarily grounded in psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural-therapy, my work is also influenced by compassion-focused therapy, solution-focused-therapy, CAT and systemic approaches. I take a holistic view of healing, recognising the importance of sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Ultimately I believe that the client/therapist relationship is the single most important factor in predicting therapeutic outcomes, rather than specific therapeutic models. So I encourage attention to this dyad with all my clients.

Alongside my clinical work, I offer supervision, consultation and training for staff working in community services.

Dr Marta Wahnon




English, Portuguese


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