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Never Give Up in your Darkest Hour

"Why my team give me wings"


In 2019, I thought I’d never work again. My kidney function was deteriorating, and the doctors thought I had symptoms of lupus. I was in and out of hospital, sometimes in bed for days, despite having two small children to look after. Those were really dark days, even before COVID hit, and I had to cancel all of my clients literally overnight.

I didn’t know what to do with my referrals. I was too sick to work, so I started passing the referrals on to friends and colleagues. I sought the help of colleagues, and employment lawyers had the contracts made. I am extremely grateful to them.

I value my team members and thank them for joining Lifespan Psychology, and helping it grow from strength to strength and excel in ways I never thought possible from my hospital bed back then. It’s taken over two years to make a partial recovery, but look at how far we’ve come. I felt so great I could fly at the Prestige Awards...

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